BeSolution 2002-2013


Joel Silva



Acoustic measurements made


Energy certifications made


Engineering Projects made


BeSolution is the parent company that aggregates your top 3 brands: Engacústica (acoustics laboratory), Engeterm (Energy Certificates and Air Quality) and EngeMat (Department of interior designs, materials). Over these 12 years of existence since the company was acquiring new services that allow us today to have these different areas, thus making a complete BeSolution engineering office and present in various areas not only in the country but this time also the globe, including Cape Verde.

Achieving this growth has only been possible thanks to a team that combines expertise with the very ambition of a young and dynamic team, as well as the requirement that we put on each of our employees and that ultimately is reflected in the quality of services we provide to our customers. To learn more about the brand, we invite you to browse each of the three branches of activity present on our website so you also get to know us better.

Besolution obtains building permit at the Office of Construction and Property, IP (INCI, I. P.) with n. º 68866.

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