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Engeterm – Energy Certification

The Engeterm mark BeSolution for Energy Certification, appeared in March 2008, resulting from the constant demands of the market for our company extend its field of action in this regard. For a logical question, we created the brand so that there was differentiation between existing services and those related to thermal engineering.

With Qualified Experts under RCCTE and RSECE, we aim to first ensure the conditions for optimum energy efficiency. Based on the requirements imposed by regulations proceeded to issue the declaration of conformity Regulatory (DCR) and the certificate of energy performance and indoor air quality in buildings (EC) under the ESA.

With experience since March 2008, our services include:

Audits of Indoor Air Quality

Monitoring of the following parameters: Particles suspended in the air, carbon monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), ozone, formaldehyde, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, Legionella), Radon, Ambient Temperature and Humidity relative conduit inspection and other parts of the HVAC system

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Statement of Regulatory Compliance (DCR)

Document proving the status of compliance of the building project, under RCCTE / RSECE

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Energy Performance Certificate (EC)

Issue of Energy certificate under RCCTE / RSECE – IAQ and Energy. Proposals for corrective / improvement actions to implement to optimize / reduce consumption and improve energy efficiency

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Projecto Térmico

Regulation for Thermal Performance of Buildings (Building regulations)

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Projecto de Climatização – AVAC e QAI

Regulation of Energy Systems in Buildings Air-conditioning (HVAC regulations)

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Certification Audits and Energy

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